• Do you offer wholesale?
  • Yes, on a case by case basis. Please reach out to us through our contact form with any inquiries.

  • Why are your bars so expensive when I can buy a box of them from the store for half the price?
  • Well, because those bars are made in huge factories where they are able to buy supplies in bulk. I do my best to buy my supplies in as big of orders as I can, but I am only one person and my business is small. I can’t produce mass quantities of product at a time like they can. Maybe one day I will be able to. But until then I do the best I can to keep costs down and I price my bars according to my cost of goods and the current market value in my general area. I understand if the price point doesn’t work for everyone. 

  • Are your products all natural?
  • No, they aren’t. I use fragrance oil and not essential oils because that’s what works for me. I understand if a more natural product is important to you. 

  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Not at this time. Hopefully soon! Click here for our full Shipping Policy.

  • How do I make my soap last?
  • The trick to making your bar soap last longer is to make sure that it doesn’t sit in water while not in use. I recommend using a soap saver bag or a soap dish that allows for the bar to dry out in between uses. 

  • Do you use preservatives?
  • Yes, in our sugar scrubs we do use them. This is a product we anticipate will be in or near water and we want to make sure that it is protected against possible mold or bacteria growth. However, we do not add a preservative to the whipped body butters at this time. Make sure to use clean, dry hands when applying it.

  • I see that a lot of your items are not in stock. What happened? 
  • We sold out! Give us a little time and we will make sure to restock the shelves as quickly as possible. Sometimes it is hard to predict how well some items will sell. Sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page and follow us on Instagram & Facebook to get notified about restocks and when new products become available.

  • It’s June and I want your body butter, but it says that it’s unavailable. Why is that?
  • The whipped body butters melt very easily which makes shipping them in the hot months difficult. Currently we can only ship them during the cooler months so that they don’t melt during transit. Local pickup for your order is also an option.

  • Do you do custom orders?
  • Sure, sometimes. You’ll need to email me to make sure we can make it work. I require all custom orders to pay 50% up front and the rest upon delivery or before being shipped.

    If you have any other questions, fill out our contact form and we'll respond as soon as possible.